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Creative Mornings

“In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) started CreativeMornings out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open […]   ... [Read more]

A brazilian experience: fostering digital integration at LAM (…)

This presentation will share a recent experience at the federal university of Rio de Janeiro. It will present «LAMO – laboratório de modelos 3d e fabricação digital» (laboratory of 3d models and digital fabrication) and a brief resume of the lab history, approach and future […]   ... [Read more]

Design Democracy

“Thanks to parametric design and digital fabrication it is now possible to mass-produce non-standard, highly differentiated products, from shoes and tableware to furniture and even houses. Variety no longer compromises the efficiency and economy of production. Furthermore, parametric definitions of products’ geometry are made accessible […]   ... [Read more]

Estandardização virtual: da linha de montagem à fábrica (…)

“Já não é de hoje que as tecnologias digitais vêm oferecendo a designers e arquitetos a possibilidade de explorar formas complexas nos seus projetos, o que levou, mais recentemente, à investigação e ao desenvolvimento dos processos digitais de fabricação. Perante esta nova realidade os princípios […]   ... [Read more]