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Facebook Page

A Facebook page serves as the most immediate medium of communication between the DFL and the public.   ... [Read more]

Research Project Website

A micro-site was developed to hold the most important information about the research project. This website is hosted within the main DFL website. Credits: DFL – Digital Fabrication Laboratory   ... [Read more]

Striated Wall Video

This experiment was Inspired by the “sequential wall” work by Gramazio & Kohler, and started by exploring various computational design methods to generate different solutions for a partition wall structure. This process was paired with the production of 3D printed models for the physical visualization […]   ... [Read more]

Brick Tower Video

The Brick Tower experiment was developed to compare two assembly techniques: a robotic and a manual one, aided by a video projection technique. To assure the same geometric conditions in both situations, the geometry of the Tower was thought with central symmetry in order to […]   ... [Read more]

Corkcrete Arch Video

The CorkCrete Arch was developed as a design-based research activity concerned with using robotic fabrication technologies in the production of a novel building system. By exploring the combination of two different materials – cork and concrete (GRC) – the goal was to merge the sustainable […]   ... [Read more]

DFL Website

The DFL website is its portal to the community. It serves as the institutional front-end displaying formal information as well as team and resources details. It is a showcase of the various research experiments and projects undertaken by the DFL, as well as inform about […]   ... [Read more]