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Research Project Final Exhibition

The DFL Gallery is located within the DFL building and it hosted the first iteration of the project’s exhibition where the great majority of the physical productions is shown.   ... [Read more]

Mini Maker Faire – Lisbon 2014

The DFL presented at the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire an overview of the “Robotic Technologies for a Non-Standard Design and Construction in Architecture” research project currently going on, with the collaboration of INESC-TEC. Its main goal is to explore the link between computational design processes […]   ... [Read more]

Anuária 2015

Anuária is the yearly exhibition of selected student works from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.   ... [Read more]

DFL Opening Exhibition

This show happened during the DFL opening in the Praça Coronel Pacheco building.     ... [Read more]