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Automatic Glue Dispenser (custom-made tool)

The Automatic Glue Dispenser is a tool developed by the DFL whose purpose is covering an object surface with glue. The experiment “Brick Tower” increased the interest in automatic deployment of fixation agents. This machine is able to spray glue or other sprayable fluids in […]   ... [Read more]

Hotwire tool (custom-made tool)

Robotic Hotwire Cutting (RHWC) is a digital fabrication process that allows for the numerically controlled cutting of foam-like materials, such as EPS or XPS, through a heated thin wire, with 6 degrees of freedom. Because of the geometric nature of this tool (i.e. a cutting […]   ... [Read more]

SPIDERobot (new technology)

The SPIDERobot resulted from the research task oriented towards the investigation of an alternative robotic technology for on-site construction. The use of robots in such scenarios has been a research field since the 1980’s, which has comprised the exploration of large-scale robotic structures, mobile robotic […]   ... [Read more]