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The strategy for this experiment passed by designing a continuous NURBS surface to be populated with 120 x 60 x 30 milimeters styrofoam blocks. Following the surface’s curvature, the masonry structure was hand assembled with the assistance of video mapping techniques, trying the limitations of […]   ... [Read more]


Adapting the tradition of manually  assembled masonry structures on site, the IJUP’s Wall exploits the advances made in CAD/CAM technologies, namely in the area of the parametric design and robotics, to develop controlled solutions where each individual standard brick has an specific position and orientation. […]   ... [Read more]

Communication Test

As the first project of its kind in Portugal, this work implied a interdisciplinary collaboration between architecture and engineering to define communication protocols between the design information and the manufacturing instructions. Being the design developed at FAUP, resorting to parametric models of free form walls […]   ... [Read more]