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DFL in eCAADe 2015

The 33rd Annual Conference annual conference of eCAADe took place in Vienna at 16th-18th September 2015. The DFL presented three papers, as follows:

Prof. Jose Pedro Sousa, DFL coordinator, presented the paper:
“Between manual and robotic approaches to brick construction in architecture”, written with DFL researchers Pedro Martins and Pedro Varela.

DFL researcher Pedro Martins presented the paper:
“Expanding the material possibilities of lightweight prefabrication in concrete through robotic hotwire cutting”, written with Prof.Paulo Fonseca de Campos (FAUUSP), Prof. Sandra Nunes (FEUP) and DFL Coordinator, Prof. Jose Pedro Sousa.

DFL researcher Pedro Varela presented the paper:
“Digital flow in stone heritage buildings. The Nasoni keystone experiment”, written with Prof. Jose Pedro Sousa, DFL Coordinator. This research project has the support of FCT.