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DFL welcomes Visiting Scholar Teddy Slowik (Temple U, USA)

The DFL gives a warm welcome to Teddy Slowik as a Visiting Scholar in the DFL during this month. Coming from the US, he will conduct research in the field of robotics in Architecture and share his expertise in the field of digital technologies. Here is a Short Bio:

Teddy Slowik is founder of Novatona, an award winning cross-disciplinary workshop that focuses on the duality of both low- and high-tech means of production and design. His work has been exhibited at the IX Art Park in Charlottesville, Design Museum Boston, The Design Innovation Gallery at Factory 63 in Boston, AIA New York Chapter and the Center for Architecture Foundation, Tedx “Architecture or Revolution” conference in Chicago, The UVA East Wing Gallery in Charlottesville, and UIC SoA Ribbon Gallery in Chicago. Slowik is currently a member of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art faculty within the Department of Architecture. Before Temple, Slowik was on the faculty at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture, as well as the University of Illinois Chicago’s School of Architecture (UIC SoA). Slowik graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania in May of 2007.