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Digital Tools and Robotics in Architecture

Workshop “Digital Tools and Robotics in Architecture”, for the Beirut Arab University students at the DFL and UPTEC, Porto (January 25-29, 2016).


BAU – Faculty of Architectural Engineering:

“Workshop & Traveling Studio: Porto – Barcelona

21 December 2015 Workshop & Traveling Studio: Porto – Barcelona
Digital Tools and Robotics in Architecture
From January 24th till February 4rd, 2016

Being aware of the latest strategies in design and construction is something that designers interested in high tech trends should abide by, especially when dealing with highly creative processes of design. But at the same time, intellectual background should be constantly and progressively increasing in order to recognize and appreciate what has already been done and later assume the proper strategies on their design decisions.
The workshop “Digital Tools and Robotics” is an opportunity to explore the latest trends in architecture and technology which will be given by experts in the field. The city of Porto will be hosting the workshop while Barcelona will be the scenario to appreciate how technology is applied to architecture. In addition, students will be able to widen their cultural background by visiting a series of iconic projects by pioneer architects in both cities, in addition to discovering new cultures.”