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Students from the UP Junior program visited the DFL

Funny days at the DFL with the visits of two groups of students enrolled in the Architecture Workshop “Mãos à Obra” of the “Universidade Junior” summer program. This workshop is tutored by FAUP MArch students Gonçalo Oliveira, Maria Helena Bernardo, Filipa Guimarães, Ivo Machado and Guilherme Belo, who introduced them to architectural design thinking based on material and constructive aspects.

The “Universidade Junior” program is an yearly initiative promoted by the University of Porto (UP) that encourages young college students from the 7th and 8th year to know more about the different professional disciplines and future opportunities to study in the UP. For the DFL, it was a true challenge to explain the work to such group of curious young kids. The visits took place on: 04.07.2016 and 11.07.2016
More info on the UP Junior: