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The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (DFL) is the research group of the CEAU/FAUP committed with developing advanced research work in the fields of Design, Material and Fabrication innovation. With a technology-based approach, its praxis is structured in the convergence of three vectors of expertise:

  • Imagination
    exploring the ability of mind to form concepts or images that are not presented to the senses;
  • Computational design
    merging the representational and calculation potential of computers to assist algorithmic design thinking and development processes;
  • Digital fabrication
    employing digitally driven fabrication technologies to perform flexible yet rigorous additive, subtractive and formative operations.

The DFL’s action is deployed by considering three complementary scales:

  • University
    by interacting with the students, curriculums and research groups from the FAUP, as well as from other Faculties of the University of Porto;
  • National
    by dedicating a special concern in identifying the research opportunities in the profession and in the industry of Portugal, trying to uncover its specific limitations and promote its potentials;;
  • International
    by following the developments at the global scale in order to set the research standards (i.e. goals, methodologies and results) at this level.

The DFL’s activity is highly sensitive to the current social, economic and sustainable concerns that shape our contemporary world. To frame its research meaning and results, the DFL has established the following set of principles and concerns:

  • Sustainable Materiality & Materialization
  • Performance-Driven Customization
  • Expanded Aesthetics
  • Interdisciplinary Force
  • Learning by Making
  • Design and Technology Democratization
  • Computational and material economy
  • Future Traditions