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The brick has been present in construction since the beginning – it may be considered one of the most basic material in construction. Its fabrication has evolved alongside the big technological revolutions; however its manual way of laying persists. Over the last decades the laying methods resorting to robotics have been subject of research and development.

This investigation aims to study how these technologies can interfere in the design and brick construction and tries to comprehend the potential of these technologies in structural and formal ways in brickwork. To accomplish this purpose, the brickwork of Arch. Raúl Hestnes Ferreira is analysed because of its expressiveness in constructive details.

To understand the potential of these elements, the work analyses plans and details of the most significant elements of Hestnes Ferreiraʹs work and has the contribute of the architect himself. In addition, this study presents experimentations that point out where brick architecture meets robotic and digital fabrication technologies. This research aims to clarify the potential of these technologies even with an ordinary and standard material. This work does not intend to condemn manual construction; instead, it demonstrates the possibilities of building beyond some of its limitations.