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The Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) designed the space of the Ordem dos Arquitectos (OA) at the Tektonica 2016 Building Construction Fair in Lisbon (4-7 May). Entitled “Architects on Business: Info-Point”, the goal was to conceive a space to be freely used by the OA’s architect members to show their work and meet (potential) clients. Counting with the sponsor of Amorim Isolamentos and Gyptec Ibérica, the space had also to feature material solutions of these companies.

Facing this context, the DFL used cork to conceive the floor surface and a set of long benches that flow under a 9 meters long table, embracing it. Those cork benches are punctuated by three vertical columns, which feature some MD Fachada Wave panels (Amorim Isolamentos). Finished with the strong green color Protect panel (Gyptec), the long -but regular- table rules the space over the non-orthogonally arrangement of the cork benches. A set of lighting elements helps to create the atmosphere of the traditional architects’ drawing table. Finally, a 3.5 meteres height tower in the corner of the space displays the name of the space, using a combination of MD Fachada Wave and Protect panels.

Thus, by employing just 2 materials, this minimal intervention still leaves room for some indeterminacy regarding the way visitors are going to use the space. While the sides of the vertical cork columns are surfaces for displaying graphic information (using simple pins), the table invites architects to sit around and entail conversations. The non-orthogonal plan of the cork benches also contributes for the emergence of visiting paths and meeting configurations that can not be anticipated a priori.

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