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Today, the development and integration of CAD/CAM technologies in the discipline of
architecture has endowed the architects with the instruments to explore a new world of
formal and constructive possibilities, until today inaccessible by craft and serial paradigms.
Being imported from other industries, the tendency of architectural practice reveals a growing
interest in the development of free form solutions and customized components enabled by
these technologies. This condition doesn´t influence only the built reality but leads the
architects to face the new challenges relatively to their position in the development of the
architectural project.
With the intention of investigating and examine the true impact of the inclusion of digital
technologies in architectural practice, this thesis performs a survey on contemporary buildings,
following specific criteria that varies from the start of the design to the production of
constructive components. By exposing these data, this thesis try’s to demonstrate, not only the
potential and limitations of digital driven technologies in architecture, but also the new
tendencies and approaches to follow with the development of specific digital tools for
architectural reality.


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