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The Striated Wall is an experimental installation meant to explore the limits of wood in architecture through parametric techniques, free forms out of human hands.
The installation in an expression of a rigorous architectural design by Digital Laboratory of Fabrication consist of more than 500 of wooden sticks, which are placed by a robotic arm, according to mathematical algorithms that translate digital design data into the robotic machines behavior .
The role of these sticks wall is dual: they provide structural core to the system, supporting the main wall in the vertical force while constituting an organic spacial device. Their concave and convex spaces connects along the façade creating multiple points of view to the same wall and interconnects different planes along the wall so that the complex is continuous.
The stick material started with the study of to Gramazio and Kohler’s work as a reference. The research of the irregular form fabricated with a robotic arms opens the window to an infinite variety of forms articulating every stick in a different position and rotation and interconnecting them along the space.

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