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Founded in 2013 by Prof. José Pedro Sousa, the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) is the Research Group of CEAU/FAUP dedicated to investigate the use of digital design and manufacturing technologies in the design and construction fields. The relevance of conducting research in this field relies in the fact that these technologies have dramatically expanded the geometric design possibilities and allowed for non-standard modes of production (mass-customization), from the scale of the building component to that of the building form. With a multidisciplinary team, the DFL is centered in developing Research work, which is complemented by promoting Educational, Extension and Divulging activities. Realising the convergence between the digital and the material, the DFL is a Laboratory looking for understanding, transforming and evolving this reality.
DFL Director:
Prof. José Pedro Sousa
The CEAU is the Center of Studies in Architecture and Urbanism of FAUP. Funded by the FCT, it is a Research Unit structured in 6 Research Groups focusing in areas like Housing, Urbanism, Communication, History and Theory or Computation and Digital Fabrication. The activities of the CEAU are directly linked with research and the support to the development of PhD researches.
CEAU Director:
Prof. Rui Póvoas
Prof. Rodrigo Coelho


The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Oporto is an organic unit of the University of Oporto. It is a centre for the creation, transmission and diffusion of disciplinary knowledge in the areas of architecture, construction and urban studies. It currently hosts an Integrated Master in Architecture program, a Post-Graduate program in Architectural Design and a PhD program in Architecture. The Faculty is a collective person in public law with scientific, pedagogical, administrative and financial autonomy under the terms of the law, the statutes of the University of Oporto and its own statutes.
FAUP Director:
Prof. Carlos Guimarães
Prof. João Pedro Xavier