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RobTech Book

The DFL and the INESC TEC just finished the 2-year research project on Robotic Technologies for a Non-Standard Design and Construction in Architecture. Funded by the FCT, the National Foundation for the Science and Technology, this work investigated the emergent design and material possibilities emerging from the use of different robotic fabrication processes.

The complete set of practical experiments is now described and illustrated in a book, which counts with the foreword by Branko Kolarevic and short contributions by other distinct architects from education, practice and industry. The publication also tells the process of installing the Laboratory and presents the different activities and events organized during the project, which contributed to the diffusion of the work. The 224-page book was designed by Epiforma studio in Porto.

Table of Contents:
004 – Foreword, by Branko Kolarevic
006 – Introduction, by José Pedro Sousa
012 – Laboratory
024 – Research
152 – Discussions (Paulo Fonseca de Campos, A. Paulo Moreira, Germano Veiga,           José Pinto Duarte, Guilherme Machado Vaz, Luís de Sousa)
166 – Publications
186 – Events
196 – Outputs
210 – LabLife
218 – Credits

Sousa, J.P. (2015): Robotic Technologies for Non-Standard Design and Construction in Architecture. University of Porto, Faculty of Architecture – DFL Edition. ISBN: 978-989-8527-06-6